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jason martin
United States
I am a graphic artist, I practice pretty much everything in the 2D world... illustration, tattooing, photography, graphic design, animation, painting.... Currently the graphic Artist for RiffTrax (formerly Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K)

Twitter: - @TheJasonMartian

I view myself as this character on a cosmic journey through many lives, soaking up knowledge and wisdom... I amuse myself by drawing pictures, writing words, soaking in music and breathing nature. I'm into art (I am an artist), music (listening, playing and dancing), the outdoors (hiking, camping, mountain biking, etc.), poetry, film, enjoying good company and travel. I am an easy going guy who enjoys the simple things in life. I believe we are all here to learn and become better people... open mindedness is key!

I've done many things to pay my bills... retail sales (who hasn't right?), store display work, drawing caricatures, delivering flowers, bartending and working as a nanny, but it is my art that has kept me alive and passionate about life. I got my start doing it professionally before I graduated highschool and will do it in my death bed.

Current Residence: Bay Area
Favourite genre of music: I like most music. "Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together." -- Anais Nin
Favourite photographer: Kimbereley Campisano
Favourite style of art: I love good art.
MP3 player of choice: Any non-iTune
Shell of choice: My body
Wallpaper of choice: Skin
Skin of choice: My own
Personal Quote: It is sagacious to eschew obfuscation.

Wow, I’ve been working with RiffTrax​ for 8 years now!

They still haven’t let me out of the basement but at least they’ve started heating up those bowls of mush they slide under the door.



Death Promise by martianink
Death Promise

Check out RiffTrax​ Death Promise! 

Here's the poster I painted for them. 

It is with glee in our hearts and clumsy 70s karate vengeance on our minds that we present to you the amazing, undefinable Death Promise. So goofy, so full of confused non-actors wandering through their dialogue like kids lost at the mall, and with so much more gentle sincerity than you’d expect in a movie about systematic revenge against a group of evil slumlords. It’s Guy From Harlem meets Kill Billmeets an after-school special about friendship - in other words, we really like it.

A boardroom full of comically-dressed, openly-evil New York City rich guys are hassling their slum tenants for reasons that don’t quite get around to becoming clear. Fortunately, their harassment methods don’t go much beyond “empty a box of rats into a building that’s already filled with rats.” But when they kill an old drunk boxer, the old drunk boxer’s son makes a vow, a pledge… oh, what to call it… an oath to demise? A commitment to casualties? Well, however you want to phrase it, he and his surprisingly agreeable friend Speedy work their way through the list of baddies who wronged them. All in pursuit of the main baddie, a shadowy figure who - and we’re not making this up - sits so that you can’t see his face, only his evil hand stroking the evil cat in his lap. Again, this movie is taking itself seriously. Again, we really like it.

#RiffTrax #MST3K 

Riff Available at: 

NY by martianink
A Sneak Peek at this weeks RiffTrax​ release. It's the background sketch.

Wow, I’ve been working with RiffTrax​ for 8 years now!

They still haven’t let me out of the basement but at least they’ve started heating up those bowls of mush they slide under the door.


Crooner from Scribble

I saw a Latin Crooner in this week’s Scribble for Finish the Scribble​ 

What do you see?

Birdemic by martianink
I added a touch of humor to the new ‪‎Birdemic‬ poster for RiffTrax now available on VOD

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is the story of a software salesman who founds his own solar energy company after cashing in his stock options. Where it differs from the countless other Hollywood tales of software salesmen who found their own solar energy companies after cashing in stock options is that occasionally birds attack and kill people.

Strong emphasis on occasionally, mind you. For while a less assured director might insist “I paid 12 dollars for these bird animations, and they’re gonna be on-screen for every frame dammit!”, Birdemic director James Nguyen instead chooses to focus on his characters. They eat meals, go to pumpkin festivals, hang out with their families, have themselves a party and every now and then make millions, buy Ferraris and date Victoria’s Secret cover models. You know, typical stuff.

The comic atmosphere is undercut, however, by the serious message Nguyen wants to impart onto the audience: the dangers of global warming. Trust us when we say that the only way that this sensitive issue could be handled more deftly is by anyone, anywhere, using any means.

Get the riff at:

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Moshi-Moshi916 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, I love your art. Great care to detail and sense of humor. :)
martianink Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Thank you so much!
Moshi-Moshi916 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome :)
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Suzanne-Helmigh Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there fellow artist :D (Big Grin)
Just here to say keep going!
Never give up on your dreams, never stop making art.
martianink Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
Thank you! You've got some excellent work yourself!
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